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I’ve been nominated for The Sunshine Blogger Award 2 more times! That’s right 2!! I’ve already posted my first Sunshine Blogger Award which you can see here. This time I’ve been nominated by Lacy at A Ravenclaw Library and Shruti at This Is Lit! Go ahead and check out their lovely blogs, it’s totally worth it!!

To see my first nomination answers click here!

Let’s get to the questions!

the sunshine blogger award

The rules

  • Thank your nominator and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the biographical 11 questions your nominator decides to pose.
  • Do the same by nominating 11 bloggers whom you adore and use the strength left in your giganto imagination to ask 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and pass the Sunshine Blogger Award onto your blog.

Lacey’s Questions

that one series you hate to love?

The Maze Runner series. I like the books a lot (the movies not so much), but I hate that it’s not as good as I’d like. But I’m too invested to quit.

do you read fanfiction?

I’ve never read fanfiction, but I’m not against trying it in the future.

what is one character you think would be cool to have in another book that isn’t their own?

I can’t think of any specific character, so I’ll just say any character. Regardless they would be out of place and it would be interesting to see how they react.

what is one book you are proud to like even though it’s bashed on?

I’m not sure that I have one. I’m proud to like all of the books I read.

favorite youtuber that isn’t a booktuber?

I love the Cinemasins channel! It’s so funny!

what’s one genre you didn’t think you would like that you ended up liking?

Romance. I always thought it was sex-filled and mushy-gushy, but so far that has not been the case.

what is something else, besides reading, that you like to do?

I have an entire list! My top favorite things would have to be writing, scrapbooking, and knitting (although I’ve been slacking with it).

you only get to take one book with you on a trip, what is it?

Does a Kindle count? Because then I can have a lot of books! 😉 If I can’t, then I would bring whatever book I’m currently reading.

what do you collect? besides books of course.

Playing cards. I like to get a memento from the places I visit, and playing cards are usually the cheapest useful thing I can get. Although that isn’t always the case. Universal Studios in FL playing cards cost almost $11!

do you use bookmarks on your books?

If a piece of paper lying around the house counts, then yes!

ebook or physical?

It doesn’t matter. I like reading both!

Shruti’s Questions

What book are you currently reading and how are you liking it?

Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco. I love it!

What’s your favorite restaurant and why?

I love Macaroni Grill because they have really good food and great service. And you can draw on the table with crayons!

Coffee or tea?

Tea! I don’t like the taste of coffee.

Recommend a book, TV show, and movie to your readers.

Book: If you haven’t read First Came Forever by Annie Woods, go check it out! You can see my review of it here

TV show: Grim because it’s amazing and uses real legends which is so cool.

Movie: Tangled! Because Rapunzel and it’s awesome! You should watch that one if you haven’t. It’s great!

Do you have a favorite GIF? What is it?


What do you usually do for Halloween?

Sit in the house watching movies or writing blog posts!

Which post of yours are you most proud of?

This post has been my favorite to write: The Beginning of Novel Five – NaNoWriMo 2017

What’s your favorite OTP?

Rapunzel and Eugene! They are perfect! So perfect! And I just love them so much together!


Series or standalone?

Depends! I like series because I get more time with the characters. I like standalones because there are no cliffhangers (or there shouldn’t be)!

You’re told that for the rest of your life, you can either re-read only Harry Potter or read only ARCs. Which option would you choose?

ARCs. I wouldn’t be able to read Harry Potter over and over again. There is such thing as too much!

Tell us a joke. xD

What is brown and sticky?

A stick!


My Questions

What are your top 3 favorite books?

What is your go too genre?

Favorite movie based on a book?

Do you like to read indie published books or traditionally published?

Reading or writing?

What do you do besides blogging?

Do you have any pets?

Is there enough time in your day?

What’s your favorite social media outlet?

If you had one wish for your TBR list what would it be?

Early bird or night owl?

I Nominate

Because I’ve done this award before and because of the massive amount of tags I did last month, I don’t want to nominate anyone. But feel free to answer these questions and tag me in it so I can read your answers!

Thanks again to Lacy and Shruti for nominating me for The Sunshine Blogger Award! I hope you enjoy reading my answers!

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    1. I’m really loving it so far! And yess!! 😄 I don’t know many people that like and/or know about Tangled. It’s very underrated!

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