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I was provided a copy of Undefinable from Liz Iavorschi-Braun in exchange for my honest review. To see how I rate my reviews, check out my rating system and for further information check out my review policy.

Please note that this review will contain spoilers if you haven’t read Undesirable (for that review click here or to buy it on Amazon click here)

undefinable - liz iavorschi-braun review

After I finished Liz Iavorschi-Braun’s Undesirable (book 1 of the Seven Years Gone series) I quickly started book 2 Undefinable. I was left wanting more after the first book and couldn’t resist the urge being that I already had a copy of Undefinable.

Undefinable continues Ginger’s journey in Harrison with Rane and Myra. But things are quickly changing as Ginger finds out she was artificially inseminated by The Society to bear a royal child. With little options, due to her recent injuries, she has to stay put in Harrison. With Rane, Myra, and the rest of their family, Ginger finds her strength and family in this book.

This book blows the first book away. As I’ll explain below, you learn so much more about the characters and their personalities really shine through in the book. So let’s move onto the review!

Things I Like:

  • Stand-alone

This is book two of the Seven Years Gone Series, however, it could be read as a stand-alone. In the beginning, you are caught up on the previous books’ events. This is really helpful to those that read the book when it was released before reading this book. I read the books right after each other so this was not a problem for me. I did like the recap though because it re-immersed me into the storyline.

  • Food Description

Ginger came from a society that believes food is only for nourishment. She ate porridge and on special occasions was given meat and vegetables, and some kind of sweet treat. So when she enters Harrison, she has no clue what all of the different kinds of food are. The descriptions that the author uses to describe the various food is funny and genius. For example, “flat round objects on the plate that are dripping with a golden brown liquid” and “a bottle of something red that makes a pop when the lid comes off” Can you guess what they are? (Answer below!)


  • Ginger and Rane 💗

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ginger and Rane! They have the absolute cutest relationship I have seen in awhile. He is caring and kind to her and understanding of her current dilemma. She is able to lean on him and is learning to love because of him. I think I would be devastated if something happened to them in any future books!

Things I Don’t Like:

  • Lacking Action Scenes

Undefinable has a lot more action than Undesirable. However, it seems that the author made the action scenes short and fast-paced so that it came off confusing. I had a hard time keeping up and I would just wait until the characters would discuss it afterward to figure out just what had happened. The action scenes were not well executed, but luckily there were not many.

  • Big Brother Shadow Cliché

Major SPOILER! You hear people say that the younger child lives in the older child’s shadow. Well, this happens here. We don’t get much of a backstory on Rane and his family, but he does have two younger brothers. One followed in his footsteps and joined the defenses just like Rane. But he fell stupidly into the commander’s plan and almost gets his entire family killed. All of this, just because he was tired of living in Rane’s shadow. He is already an irritating character before adding in that twist, so it did not make it better.

Overall, Undefinable is a fantastic sequel to Undesirable. I love the story between Ginger and Rane. Also, I enjoy how Ginger is coping with her new environment. The writing style and the characters the author develops are amazing. I can’t wait until the release of book 3 Undeniable coming out later this year! I give Undefinable

4.5 star rating

4.5 stars!

Thank you Liz Iavorschi-Braun for providing me a copy of your book in return for my honest opinion!

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Answer: pancakes with syrup and soda

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