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The Last Man trilogy Tobias Wade review

Title: The Last Man: The Fantasy Series of Enlightenment – The Complete Trilogy

Author: Tobias Wade

Genre: YA Fantasy

Publication Date: September 2017

Goodreads SynopsisEmbark upon the fantasy story of enlightenment through these seven surreal worlds.
Test your bravery to pass the land of fear and pain.
Resist temptations to pass the land of pleasure.
Clear your mind to pass the land of illusion.
Trust your heart to pass the land of love and loss.
Keep your word to pass the land of truth and lies.
Know yourself to pass the land of identity.
Forsake the world to pass the land of attachments.
All the while pursuing a desperate course to the center of the Earth where a primordial force awaits its freedom with the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy.
An epic and insightful adventure filled with magic, monsters, dragons, betrayal, and transcendence!

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I was provided a copy of The Last Man from Tobias Wade in exchange for my honest review. To see how I rate my reviews, check out my rating system and for further information check out my review policy.

Today I will be reviewing the entire Last Man trilogy by Tobias Wade (you can see more of his work by clicking on his name above). Because I’m doing all three books, this post will be a bit longer than usual. Also, there will be NO spoilers because I’m doing all three books at once.

Now, I’m going to be honest right now. I was not going to accept this book request. I reviewed the Amazon page and was immediately turned off. I couldn’t find a decent description of the book and I was just frustrated. But I decided to download a free sample of the book and test it out before saying no.

I’m glad I did! If I never read the same, I would have missed out on a fantastic book.

The Last Man trilogy follows Farris on a journey of a lifetime. She never believed the stories her Grandmother would tell, but when her brother is kidnapped by the monsters in the stories, Farris is forced to come to terms with reality. She ventures into the unknown to save her brother and find herself along the way.

Now that you know about the book, let me tell you what I like and don’t like about this trilogy.

Things I Like:

  • Mythological

I’m a big sucker for mythology. I’ve always had a fascination with the Gods and Goddesses and the mythological beasts and heroes. This has been the first book that I’ve read in a while that has successfully combined mythology and fantasy into one. I love the subtle references to mythology.

  • Chapter Titles

Chapter titles are not my favorite thing. However, the chapter titles are useful for this book. I like the way that the titles provide guidance to what the chapter entails.

  • Trials

Farris goes through trials in each of the shells to find her brother. Through these trials, she discovers a lot about herself and how strong she is. I like that each trial focuses on a different aspect of weakness that she must strengthen to overcome the challenges.

  • World Building (books 2&3)

The world building that is done in books 2 & 3 is very detailed and fascinating. I felt as if I was traveling with Farris and her companions as she entered each new place on her search for her brother. It is a refreshing and well-done job of creating the worlds and the different characters that inhabit them.

  • The Finale

I just loved the final trial so much! Farris shows all of her growth in this last stage of her journey. I don’t want to give anything away, but I really enjoy the way that everything takes place from start to finish here.

Things I Don’t Like:

  • Sasha

He is Farris’ love interest in the book, and honestly, I just don’t like him. His personality is too pushy. He can’t take a hint for his life and it’s irritating. Sometimes he is caring and lovable, but that is pretty rare.

  • World Building (book 1)

In book 1, there is a disconnect between the world that is there and what the reader reads. I had a hard time placing myself in the world because I was unsure of exactly what it looked like. It was all a bit weird for me, but I’m glad that it got better in the other books.

  • Chapter POV

This also is a strange one. The entire first book is written in Farris’ POV. But the second and third books both alternate POVs between characters. Because I wasn’t used to it from the first book, it was weird and I could never tell who the story was focusing on. Half-way through the second book, this did get better, but the initial change threw me off.

  • Anti-climactic Death

Okay now, this is a really hard one to not give away, so I’ll be brief. At one point in the series, a character dies. But the other characters don’t react. AT ALL. It’s as if it was a minor speed bump in their travels to save Farris’ brother. Nothing more than that. I can’t believe it! I really want to say more about this, but I will spoil things and I don’t want to do that for you. So go read the book to see what happens!

Overall, The Last Man is an interesting fantasy read with hints of mythology. I really enjoy the writing style that the author uses and the way the characters are true to who they are. The world is developed in an almost complete way, that I was able to feel like I was in the shells of the world. There are a few odd aspects of the book that make it difficult to understand, but it’s not incomprehensible. I’m still intrigued to know more about just what happens after the events of the story. I recommend that you read this trilogy! I give The Last Man. . .

Book 1: 4 stars!

Book 2: 4.5 stars!

Book 3: 4 stars!

4 star rating

Overall 4 stars!!

Thank you Tobias Wade for giving me the opportunity to read and review your book in exchange for my honest opinion!

Have you ever judged a book based on its Amazon page? Do you like the sound of this book? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. GODS?? TRIALS??? GOOD WORLD-BUILDING???? CREEPY COVER?????? 😂 A Four – star review??? 😱


    Loved the review, Jenn. 😁😊❤

    1. Thanks!! I highly recommend adding this trilogy to your TBR or reading it now! It’s a very good read! 😀😊

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