Rating System

For Books & Novellas:

Every rating that I give a book is based on the scale below:

5 stars – This book kept me wanting more. I could not wait to see what would happen next. Everything from the meaning to the characters aligned perfectly. I would strongly recommend this book to others.

4 stars – This book kept me wanting more. The meaning and character development were very strong, however, some of the scenes could have been better detailed to make the scene portrayed better. I would still highly recommend this book to friends.

3 stars – This book was not hard to read but was confusing in many parts of the book. However, the book did have a good message or content that made me enjoy it and I may recommend it to others.

2 stars – For this rating, I was able to read the entire book, but spent most of the time confused. The intent of the book did not seem to come through. I would most likely not recommend this book.

1 star – I try not to give 1-star ratings, however, some books are just hard to get through. For this rating, I could not finish the book.

For Poetry Collections:

poetry check rating system

3 checks – excels in all three categories below.

2 checks – excels in only two of the categories below.

1 check – excels in only one category below.

Style – This is checked off for a book that has a good writing style. All poems are different, but the style has to be effective to be enjoyable.

Relatability – This is checked off for a book that I can relate to. I feel as if poems should be relatable. Although they may be relatable to me, this does not mean they are relatable for everyone.

Emotions – This is checked off for a book making me feel emotional as I read. It can be any range of emotions.

Bonus Points – This doesn’t count toward the overall rating of the book but is just something that I found interesting about the collection (not included in all reviews).

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