Privacy Policy

The privacy of Bound to Writing readers is very important, so Bound to Writing has set forth some measures to ensure the privacy of our readers. This privacy policy has been developed to help you, the reader, understand how we collect, use, communicate, and disclose your personal information.

What information is collected

The information that is collected from users by Bound to Writing includes email addresses and cookies. Email addresses will be used as part of an email list and cookies are used to track users that visit this website and other affiliate links. Also, Bound to Writing uses affiliate links, where your email will also be collected.

How information is used

The information that is collected is used to identify users when publishing comments on this website. Information is also collected to ensure the best experience for readers. Bound to Writing does not share any personal information with a third party besides that of the website’s email service provider and with affiliates.

Bound to Writing will only collect necessary information from users and will only do so by lawful and fair means. All personal data that is provided to Bound to Writing should be accurate, complete, and up-to-date.

Outside Links

Any content that is found in the links that appear on Bound to Writing does not represent the views of the author(s) of Bound to Writing. Consult that website’s’ privacy policy for further information.

Opting out

If at any time you no longer wish to receive emails from Bound to Writing or no longer agree with (Bound to Writing’s) policies, you can simply opt out and you will be removed from our email list.

Site Privacy Policy Modification

At any time, Bound to Writing may revise these terms of privacy without notice. By continued use of this website, you are bound to the current version of this Privacy Policy.


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