Poetry Review: Wave Rider – Rebecca Pott Fitton

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Wave Rider Rebecca Pott Fitton poetry review

Title: Wave Rider: A Poetic Journey from Abuse to Wholeness

Author: Rebecca Pott Fitton

Genre: Poetry

Publication Date: February 1, 2017

Goodreads SynopsisWave Rider is a poetic reflection of author Rebecca Fitton’s long journey to heal from sexual abuse, abandonment, and neglect, building a new world based on wholeness of body, mind, and spirit. Her journey has taken a lifetime. To use the metaphor of waves, sometimes the undertow nearly drowned her–but she survived. Now her beautiful and profound book offers inspiration to others who have also suffered greatly from abuse.

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I received a copy of Wave Rider from Rebecca Pott Fitton in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own. Click to see my rating system and review policy.

Poetry is a therapeutic way to release your emotions and be at peace. That is my main takeaway from the poetry collection Wave Rider by Rebecca Pott Fitton. This short poetry collection follows her emotions from abuse all the way to healing decades later.

This collection is heartfelt and relatable as it delves on topics of abuse, neglect, and find oneself to heal from it.

My Thoughts:

Style – The poems are written in a modern poetry style. It makes the poems easy to read and delivers the message effectively. Each section also begins with a backstory. This delves deeper into the author’s life and her reason for including the section in her collection. It was an added bonus to be able to learn more about the author through those sections.

Relatability –  As I mentioned above, the poems discuss topics regarding abuse, neglect, self-healing, and empowerment. Although I could not personally relate to all of the poems, I could relate to some of them. It was empowering and enjoyable to read.

Emotions – The author clearly has a lot of emotion behind each of these poems. There wasn’t a single poem that felt unemotional to me. The poems are strong, powerful and true.

Wave Rider Rebecca Pott Fitton top poems

Overall, Wave Rider is an emotional poetry collection. It is enjoyable from start to finish. The layout of each section is intriguing. I enjoy the backstory that is written at the beginning of each section. The feeling left behind from reading this collection is empowering and I would love to read more work by Rebecca Pott Fitton. I give Wave Rider

2 checks

2 checks!

Thank you again, Rebecca Pott Fitton for providing me a copy of your work!

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