Poetry Review: I Am More Than A Daydream – Jennae Cecelia

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I Am More Than A Daydream Jennae Cecelia review

I’m back today with another poetry review! This week I will be reviewing I Am More Than A Daydream by Jennae Cecelia.

When I first read Uncaged Wallflower, I was mesmerized by the style and emotions that I felt with her poetry that I went directly onto Amazon and purchased this collection. To say I was met with the same type of feeling would be an understatement. The more I read from Jennae, the more I don’t feel alone.

Let me get onto the review!

Style – Just like I said for Uncaged Wallflower, I love the style of Jennae Cecelia’s poems. They are easy to read and have a really good layout.

Relatability –  As I read through this collection I could feel that voice inside my head saying “this is so you” or “I feel the same way.” I love the messages that Cecelia uses in her poems. I Am More Than A Daydream focuses on loving and valuing yourself, girl power, and an overall feeling of empowerment. In all, I marked 12 of the 70 poems in this book as extremely relatable, and I’m sure I would mark more if I reread this collection.

Emotions – After reading this collection, I feel as if I could do anything. The positivity that is in this book makes me feel happy and temporarily erases all the negativity that is going on in the world.

Bonus! The cover of this book is so pretty! It perfectly fits the content inside the book, and AH! I just love it! I also really enjoy the illustrations the accompany some of the poems. They are simple but perfectly depict the poem.

I Am More Than A Daydream Jennae Cecelia top poems

Overall, I Am More Than A Daydream is an uplifting and empowering read that everyone who wants a bit of positivity in their life should read. It is such a wonderful collection of poems that will only make you want to read more of her work. Follow the link below to get a copy! Do it! It’s worth it! I give I Am More Than A Daydream. . .

3 checks

3 checks!

What do you think about this poetry collection? Do you like when poems have a positive outlook? Let me know in the comments below!

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