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The Scent of Salt and Sea Kristin Cast and PC Cast novella review

Title: The Scent of Salt and Sand

Author: Kristin Cast & P.C. Cast

Series: The Escaped #2.5

Genre: YA Novella- Fantasy

Publication Date: October 11, 2016

Goodreads Synopsis: In Amber Smoke and Scarlet Rain, acclaimed bestselling author, Kristin Cast, built a world in which the walls that separate Tartarus from the mortal realm have been breached, releasing every variety of evil into the world. In this novella, she sends her fans on a separate journey, one that will meet up with the rest of The Escaped series as it continues on its spellbinding journey.

The Sirens aren’t evil by nature. Their song lures men in, and only by trying to procreate and continue their species do they reveal their true, monstrous nature. When some Sirens escape to the mortal realm, they hide out in San Francisco, blending in as best as they can. They are on a mission: to find the ideal partner to mate with.

Melody is on the hunt, and when she meets Dean, she sees a target who will allow her to fulfill her purpose. What she doesn’t count on is falling in love — a love that could destroy them both.  

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I’ve been putting off reading The Scent of Salt and Sand novella for a long time now. I love The Escaped Series by Kristin Cast. I was excited that she was teaming up with her mom for this novella mainly because I really enjoy the House of Night series. But I kept putting it off because, well, I’m not really sure.

Then I got a B&N gift card for Christmas and finally decided to buy it. I quickly began reading it and binge read over half the book in one night. Sleep isn’t necessary, right? So here are my thoughts on The Scent of Salt and Sea.

Things I Like:

  • Mythology

This world is built around Greek Mythology and it’s honestly the whole reason I love this series. Greek Mythology is definitely one of my weak spots. I took a college course about the topic and have been in love ever since. So being that this series uses elements of Myth, I’m already giving it points. This novella discusses the sirens, a group of mythological creatures that lure men to their death with the looks and their song. 

  • Writing Style

I like the simplistic style of Kristin’s writing. It’s easy to read and very descriptive without going overboard. She is also very good at world-building, making it easy for me to imagine the settings.

Things I Don’t Like:

  • Information Dump

The prologue is one big information dump. Usually, that is fine, but there is no context to go off of and it ended up being very confusing. Pretty much most (not all) of the Mythology portion of the book is in this section. Besides that, the information is strewn about the pages kind of nicely, with more dumping then is necessary.

  • Mysterious Death

A big plot point in this book is about a characters death and how that affects the main character. It is never explained. NEVER. It’s brought up several times throughout the book, but not once do we ever get to know what happened. Not even a little bit. It’s just a mystery, that would probably make things easier to understand if we were clued in on it. I mean maybe this death will play a role in the main series, but I want to know what happened!

  • Immature Characters

The characters in this novella are in their mid-twenties but were acting like they were in high school. I understand that the main character, Melody, a siren from Tartarus, has never had any experience in the Mortal Realm and her innocence is the reason for her immaturity. However, Dean, a police officer, is someone that protects the people of San Francisco and it feels like he’s not mature enough to be an officer.


I’m sorry, but I need to rant for a brief moment. Dean is a nice and quirky guy. I like him, really I do. I love a guy that goes out of the way and does special things and has a great relationship with his family. It’s a dream. But in the first chapter when he’s chasing a suspect and finds a monster (never described BTW unless it’s paying homage to the main series, but without a timeline, I’m not entirely sure) he freezes, not sure what to do and lets him get away. Now, this wouldn’t be a problem until the ending when Melody shows her true form. It’s as if his entire personality changes because it’s her and UGH! Nope. I don’t like it. Not one bit. Sorry for that rant, but I needed to get that off my chest!


  • Force of Diverse Characters

One or two of the characters, secondary characters, that only appear in the book for a few lines take on some traits that seem forced. One guy that Dean interacts with for a brief second is gay, and the Cast’s make sure to accentuate that. In a short conversation, the guy makes a comment about noticing T-shirts “is not a hetero guy thing.” The whole conversation feels forced as if the authors felt they had to include a gay guy into the story. And by making it seem as if hetero men can’t notice things about another man without being considered gay. It’s awkward and probably should’ve been left out.

Overall, The Scent of Salt and Sea is an interesting novella that would have made a better novel. There are a lot of missing pieces that caused confusion and not enough information to things that are important. The characters act way too immature for their age, although it is understandable for Melody, who hasn’t had experience in the Mortal Realm. I really like Kristin and P.C.’s writing style, as it is simple but detailed all in one. I also like the use of Mythology. But after the anticipation I had for this novella, it fell flat for me. I give The Scent of Salt and Sea

2.5 star rating

2.5 stars

What do you think? Have you read this series? Let me know in the comments below!

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    1. I felt the same way about this one. The main series works well with the myth but not so much this novella. I hope you enjoy the series!

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