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Quiet Refuge Linda Tincu Peno review

Title: Quiet Refuge

Author: Linda Tincu Peno

Series: Abigail Fairchild #1

Genre: Mystery / Suspense / Thriller

Publication Date: April 4, 2017

Goodreads SynopsisAbi Fairchild lives in the racial turbulence of 1964 Alabama. She and her friend Becca hear about a missing girl and decide to investigate. What they find is far more sinister than anything they imagined, and soon they are running for their lives, trying to make it home alive. Meanwhile, Abi’s Uncle, Sheriff Wesley Johnson, discovers she escaped the tornado that ripped through the school, but now an enemy of his is stalking her, seeking revenge. Wesley races against the clock, searching for the missing teens while trying to keep the town calm, afraid that misplaced vigilante justice has organized a lynching against an innocent target.
Quiet Refuge is a mystery suspense thriller set in historical Alabama. It follows Sheriff Wesley Johnson and his niece Abi, as they each investigate the death of a girl on their own while facing a town that is determined to lynch what might be an innocent man. Fans of A Time to Kill and The Bone Collector will love this action thriller that will take your breath away. …featured on I’m loving books.

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I received a copy of Quiet Refuge from Linda Tincu Peno in exchange for an honest review. To see how I rate my reviews, check out my rating system and for further information check out my review policy.

This is not going to be the typical review that I do. Instead, it will be a small review, hence why the title says mini. I started out reading this book just for fun with no intention of reviewing it on my blog. Because (1) I already have way too many books that need to be read and reviewed and (2) I only review books in the YA genre.

However, one of the several main characters in this book is a young adult, so although it is a stretch I’m still willing to post my thoughts of Quiet Refuge by Linda Tincu Peno here.

Quiet Refuge takes place in 1964 Alabama where racial tensions are high. After a tornado rips through town, the people of the small Alabama town are forced to sort through the pieces and find everyone. However, Abi and her friend Becca both end up missing after the tunnel they are in collapses. They both find that it isn’t going to be easy to get home, but at least they will, unlike the dead girl they find in the tunnel. As everything clears from the tornado, Abi’s Uncle Wesley is on a hunt to find his niece and her friend as well as close a murder case before it’s too late.

Onto the review!

Things I Like:

I really enjoyed the basis of this story. Linda put together a great book that focuses on the separation of race in Alabama, and the effects it has. It is nice to read the varying viewpoints of how people feel during this time period in history. I think it is very nicely written and I enjoy the way that the characters had their own feelings.

Things I Don’t Like:

To begin, one of the main characters is a 17-year-old girl, but it didn’t feel like it. The teenage characters that are in the book do not feel like teenagers. They act too mature and some of the wording is forced. For example, in the first chapter, when Becca and Abi and in the bathroom before class, it says how “Becca refreshed her lipstick-for a senior makeup was essential.” It does not feel as if the author clearly understood how teenagers are.

The book also has too many POVs. Pretty much every character has a chapter. It got to be too much and I honestly could not figure out who some of the characters were.

Lastly, it feels as if there are two plotlines for two separate books. The first 75% focuses on the case of Abi and Becca going missing with a chapter or two mentioning the murder. That’s it. After the case of is completed, the rest of the book focuses on a whole other topic and adds onto it with more crime. It is confusing and does not add to the story.

Overall, Quiet Refuge is a great book that focuses on the racial tensions in 1964 Alabama. It is well-written and Linda is well researched in her material for this book. I enjoyed reading the first plotline, but the second plotline is rushed and not as well executed. I give Quiet Refuge . . .

3 star rating

3 stars!

Sorry for my not so mini-review, but I hope you enjoyed reading!

What do you think about multiple POVs? Do you like them? Do you think more than 3 is enough? Let me know in the comments below!

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