Making Lemonade with Lemons: Editing Catch-Up

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Wow! It feels like such a long time since my last writing/editing catch-up. It’s been less than a month since I’ve updated you all with my 5 Things I’ve Learned From Editing post. And boy did I learn a lot.

I’ve been so busy working hard and long to finish up my current projects. It’s the most dedicated I have ever been to my writing and the feeling is AMAZING!


Let me get to the actual update for this month (which will actually be two updates because I have two projects).

Project #1: Not Like Everyone Else – Editing

Synopsis: Ryan can’t seem to get her memories in order. When she breaks it off with her long-term boyfriend, Corey, she can’t help but feel free. But mysterious events keep Ryan asking “just what happened?” After her family moved to Ryton, after Carter goes missing, after Jacob is in the hospital. All of these afters, but Ryan can’t remember the befores. With Harper and Elliot by her side, Ryan can only hope that she does not forget… again. Will Ryan be able to recover her memory to figure out what happened when it all went dark?

If you’ve been following my editing journey, then you know I’ve been working on edits for Not Like Everyone Else for around 6 months now. It’s been a long journey. Very long. But I feel like I have a good draft right now.

This past weekend, I typed in my final edits for draft 4. But I’m not done yet. As I made my way through those edits, I realized something. I was working on a pretty good draft 2…

The “edits” I did in the first 3 drafts were only minor and I wasn’t getting the story to where I want it to be. So after finally completing draft 4 edits, I’m hoping to only have to edit one more time. Although I’m planning to do two more read-throughs.

I’m not sure exactly how much longer it will take for me to complete these edits. I know I will have them done very soon and that I will have this book published by the end of May. I’m confident that the end product will be exactly what I have imagined in my head for so long.


Project #2: Split Views – Writing

Synopsis (I know I need to write a better one): Ben wakes up and has no clue what has happened. He is where he fell, but things look different and yet still the same. It’s when he is driving down the road that he realizes the past is all around him, acting as if nothing has changed. He knows better though because it’s 2017 and that building he just drove by was demolished years ago.

Now if you followed my NaNoWriMo November journey, you’ll know I spent the entire month working on this project. And 50,000 words later, I wasn’t done. I did know that this one was going to be longer than any work I’ve ever written. I just underestimated the amount.

It took me the entire month of December to finish this WIP’s first draft. But I’m proud to say that draft 1 of Split Views has been written! With a final word count of 60,739. It is my longest draft to date.

I’m really happy to have written this story and can’t wait to share more with you when I get into the editing process for this book. However, as I am busy with Not Like Everyone Else, I’ve put this project on hold. This not only makes editing easier for me by only working on one project, but I get some time away from Split Views after 2 months of writing it.


With both projects making progress this past month, I’m excited to see where they will go from here. I have a lot planned for this year when it comes to my writing and I hope you stay along for the ride with me!

Don’t miss out next Monday, when I start a new segment called a Morsel of WIP, where I present a segment of one of my WIPs!

What progress have you made on your WIPs? Are you excited for Not Like Everyone Else and Split Views? Are your projects lemons like mine? Let me know in the comments below!

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16 thoughts on “Making Lemonade with Lemons: Editing Catch-Up

    1. Thanks! It makes me so happy that my stories interest you! I’m so glad your enjoying these updates as much as I like writing them! 😊 I wish you luck on your project!

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