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November is almost over, and with that my book tag days are wrapping up (although I’ll probably do more in the future!) So today I will be doing the Harry Potter tag! I was tagged to do the Harry Potter Tag by Jen at A Page of Jenniely. Her blog is pretty amazing, so go check her out!

Harry Potter Tag

Quick confession: I know I mention this below and please don’t be mad, but (1) I’ve never read the books and (2) I’ve never taken the Pottermore quiz (click the name to take you to the website) because I was too lazy to sign-up.

That has all changed, as I wanted to give you all my actual results in this post. So I’ve signed-up for Pottermore and have taken the quizzes, and I will eventually make it to reading the books.

So without further ado, here is The Harry Potter Tag!

What house are you in?

I was sorted into Ravenclaw! Which is pretty shocking because usually I’m sorted into Gryffindor (from other sorting sites). However, that was years ago, so I guess I have changed a lot since then. Now after looking at the Ravenclaw information on the Pottermore website, I would say that this is the house for me! So hands up if you’re a Ravenclaw! ✋ *gives high-five*

Ravenclaw house emblem and characteristics

Black and white cat Patronus

What is your Patronus?

My Patronus is a black and white cat. Now I have no idea what this really means, but I love cats so I’m not going to complain about this answer.

What is your wand?

My want is an elder wood with a Unicorn hair core 10” and Hard flexibility.

What would your boggart be?

Abandonment. I hate the feeling of being left alone. It would most likely destroy me if I was left by someone I truly love. If not that, then heights. I can’t do heights for my life. Anything too high causes a small panic attack, so I steer clear from anything that has to do with heights or tall things.

What position would you play in Quidditch?

I’m not much of a sports person, so I’d be up in the stands cheering on my fellow Ravenclaws!

Would you be pure-blood, half-blood, or muggle born?

I would be muggle born. Neither of my parents is into the magical world.

What job would you want after graduation Hogwarts?

I would want a job that involves writing, and being creative. So maybe an author or journalist!

Which of the Deathly Hallows would you choose?


I would choose the cloak of invisibility! Being able to walk around invisible is the best. I could go so many places without having to actually interact with people! Maybe my inner anti-socialness is peeping through a bit here.

Favorite book and least favorite book?

I mentioned this above already, but I’m being honest here, so the truth is I’ve never read the books. *gasps* I know, I know, and I’m sorry! I have all of the books too which is maybe an even greater offense. But I have a plan to read them (hopefully soon) so that I can update this question!

Favorite film?

I love The Prisoner of Azkaban! Mainly because the Sirius Black storyline is introduced here and he is one of my favorite non-main characters in this series.

Least favorite film?

I don’t really like The Half-Blood Prince. It just feels too dark and depressing without much going on. It would have been better to not have this awkward segway into the final battle.

Favorite character?

Sirius Black. He may not have been around long, but I love him. He is there for Harry in his own way. I just admire him as a character.

Least favorite/ most hated character?

Bellatrix. She is the meanest character out there! In addition to killing one of my top favorite characters of all time, she is just flat out mean. She gloats about it. Like no! That is not acceptable. I can’t and I won’t talk about her anymore! Just no!


Favorite teacher at Hogwarts?

Professor McGonagall! She is the best teacher at Hogwarts. She is there for her students and stands up for them when necessary. Also, she is a total badass!

Least favorite teacher at Hogwarts?

Umbridge. I hated her so much (is that too harsh?) Nothing about her made me like her. For this reason, I wish she would have disappeared like most of the other Defense the Dark Arts teachers that went through Hogwarts even if she is on the council.

Do you have an unpopular opinion about the series?

I could never get through Chamber of Secrets. It’s the only one of the series I’ve ever tried to read, but the length of the book always frightened me. This was over 10 years ago, but I want to try reading the series again, so maybe my opinion will change!


I Tag!

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And anyone else that wants to do this tag, I tag you!


Thanks for sticking around and reading this tag!

If you want to discuss anything regarding my answers or want to recommend anything Harry Potter related to me, comment below!

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(House crest and Patronus images are both from Pottermore, and are not my own graphics)


4 thoughts on “The Harry Potter Tag!

  1. Damn it I did it again – can you delete the comment that is from my wrong account 🙈
    Okay first off.
    Secondly – why would you start with the Chamber of Secrets?! Haha.

    If I’m honest – skip reading the books and listen to them instead! They’re narrated by Stephen Fry and it’s AMAZING!!! Go on, do it!

    I’m also a Ravenclaw yey!

    1. 😂 I checked Chamber of Secrets out of my school library in 2nd grade. Not exactly sure why and hadn’t gotten far when I had to return it. Then I never got back to it.
      My plan is to start them after NaNo is over. And will look into the audiobooks because I really enjoy listening to books.
      Yay! Ravelclaw sisters!! 😄

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