Drudging Through Camp: Week Two

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As I embarked on week two of Camp NaNoWriMo, I was fairly confident that I could make it through. I am currently above par by 1 hour. I am also a quarter of the way done editing my book.

When I sat down and tried to edit this week. And the motivation was slipping through my fingers. More important was the Facebook and Twitter feeds. And posting on Pinterest and Instagram. I was struggling to meet my daily goal of an hour and a half.

This week really kicked my butt, but now there is only two week left and I am over halfway done editing the first draft of Not Like Everyone Else (working title). Maybe some props can be earned here!

Some issues that I came across this week:

  • What is with “at the moment”?!

As I edited this week, I counted over a dozen times in which I used the phrase “at the moment.” What possessed me to do this is beyond me. But here I am, having to change this. All of them. And at this moment (<- see what I did there!) I am sick of seeing that phrase and trying to make the sentences come together to sound like a normal, not robotic person is talking.

Take the sentence “Carter is missing at the moment” as an example. It feels as if he went on a nice leisurely stroll, but don’t worry he’ll be back. But he is missing! Got it? MISSING! That is not a good choice on my part. I guess meeting a word count comes at a price when you start adding words that make absolutely no sense…

  • I was at 53,000 words

When I finished NaNoWriMo in November I won with 51,162 words. This is a huge improvement from my previous win in 2014 for In Plain Sight with only 50,045 words. (You can see my previous win/loss history here!) As I edited through each and every page, my word count went higher and higher until I was over 53,000 words! I couldn’t believe my eyes as I looked down at the screen on the 11th day of NaNo. (Too bad I forgot to take a picture!) But the more I edited, the more I needed to fix. Now my word could is back below 53,000 at 52,824. I know I will be back above 53,000 again, but was another devastating blow to this week’s motivation.

However, the end of week two brought good news as well. I am officially at 20 hours of editing! Meaning that I am halfway done my 40-hour goal!

Now enough of the bad. As I promised last week, I think it is only fair that you get a sample of what is to come in my next book. So here it is: A sneak peek at my 4th book Not Like Everyone Else!

Not Like Everyone Else- working cover Camp NaNo

Not Like Everyone Else by Jennifer Leigh 2017

I sit in the café with my head lost in the menu. It has been a month since I left Corey. Although I am starting to feel happy again there is still a dulling pain in my system that I can’t seem to make go away. Someone stands at the edge of my table, but I am so distracted that I do not even see the sudden blockage of light.

“Welcome to the Red Brook Café. My name is Carter. What can I get you today?”

I look up and smile politely. I am startled but trying to hide it. My smile widens as I take in the waiter’s, Carter’s, appearance. Standing before me is a very sexy brown-haired guy with the most beautiful brown eyes. “Hi. Could I just have a decaf and a breakfast wrap with bacon?”

“Well of course. Anything else besides the wrap and the coffee?”

“No that will be all,” I say.

“It will be right out!” he turns with a smile spread across his face from ear to ear.

I could not help but notice how cheerful he is. His smile. His attitude. The fact that he is so cheerful at 8 o’clock in the morning. I smile. Not everyone is set on tearing the world apart.

I pull out a book from my large floral purse that sits in the bright yellow chair just beside me. I lean the book against the mahogany table for support as I flip open to my current page.

From the corner of my eye, a newscast flashes onto the screen. The subtitles quickly pop onto the screen as the reporter talks. “A man that had gone missing…has been found dead.” I tune the rest of the words out as a picture of the man flashes onto the screen. How can someone be killed so close to home?

A slight panic boils into me, but I suppress it by focusing on the rush of people that enter the café. Suddenly I find myself staring at the people around me instead of focusing on T.V. screen that has gone back to its normal show. Then the panic wells up again as I spot a familiar face in the crowd and I cannot help but wonder if she sees me.

It is unlike me to not say hi to someone out in public. Usually, I go out of my way to say hi if I know them. But this time, this time is different. I shrink down in my yellow chair. Hoping that I will be another unknown face in the sea of people.

Carter comes back over to the table with a tray, “here you go! Your decaf and breakfast wrap all ready for you to get you on with your day,” he smiles as he places my order in front of me and turns to walk away.

“Thanks,” I say, not once looking away from the person standing just a few feet from me.

The rush starts to die down, and I finally think that I am in the clear. I have not seen the familiar face in at least two minutes. But with one final look up before going back to my book, I realize that is not the case.

I look up to see Harper waving to me from the ordering counter of the café.

A sinking feeling enters my stomach. This is the last person I ever wanted to see again. And yet here she is only a few feet away and waving at in my direction.

End excerpt

What do you think about the title Not Like Everyone Else? Also what do you think about the excerpt of Not Like Everyone Else?

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11 thoughts on “Drudging Through Camp: Week Two

  1. Thanks for sharing an except. Looks like a good book you got going on there. I am never more ADHD then when I write. I totally understand the distractions. Good luck with the last week.

  2. When I’ve tried to do NaNoWriMo, I always avoid contractions like the plague (that word count, yo!) I’ve only won once, and that book ended up sounding so freakin ridiculous and discombobulated that I basically just scrapped it to start over (it went way off track). I admire anyone who doesn’t do what I did.

    1. Thanks! After spending an entire month writing, when I clicked the “verify word count” button I was relieved. All of my hard work had paid off.

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